Honda Accord Problem Report

Honda Accord Check Engine Light Due to Low Engine Oil Level

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Excessive oil consumption can cause a low oil level condition, which can result in illumination of the Check Engine Light.

All of a sudden the check engine light started coming on about 2,500 miles after each oil change, and I was told the oil level is low due to oil consumption. The low oil light never came on though. The dipstick shows the oil is certainly low. -
Oil light comes on when stopped and rpm gets low , I can give it a little gas and oil light cuts off! Help me figure what it might be . Oil level is good, car runs fine! -
engine uses one quart of oil after 150 miles approx. PCV valve and hose ok, no obvious oil leaks and no smoke in the exhaust. Check Engine Light came on after oil was down to 2 quarts low. Reset Ck Engine light and added oil, light stayed off. -
Check Engine light came on Saturday, knew I had last oil change about 3000 miles ago, and that it does use it up by that time. Went and got Oil changed, but Check Engine Light stayed on. Went to Dealer, they asked about the oil level, and reset the light. It stayed clear, and now I'll check my oil every 1000 to see how it does. -
1999 accords seem to run through oil very fast. The oil light almost never seems to come on in most cases, but the check engine light with come on instead. The engine pressure gets low when the oil gets low. This can cause the engine light to display and The engine gives a code of p1259 -
my check engine light comes on around 2500m after an oil change after i add more or get it changed its fine until it starts to run low again -
Almost 2500 miles after oil change my check engine light went on 200 miles later the oil light came on too checked the fault codes p1259. -
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