Volkswagen Jetta TDI Problem Report

Volkswagen Jetta TDI Check Engine Light Due to Issues With Glow Plugs/Wiring Harness

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Because of issues with the glow plugs and/or the glow plug wiring harness from the control relay, the Check Engine Light may illuminate. Our technicians tell us there is a service bulletin, not a recall from Volkswagen regarding replacement of the glow plugs on 2004-2005 model years only.

Good evening all. I have had this same problem (engine malfunction/check engine light) 3 times now. The first time, I replaced the glow plugs. The second time, the harness was replaced at the dealer (8-12). Today (12-3-12), I found out after spending $98 that the glow plug circuit #1 was bad. The dealer did not even check the glow plug to see if it was bad. I am going to get my car and put a new glow plug in #1 and see if this fixes the check engine light issue. If not, just going to keep on driving it. If there is a notice from VW on this issue, it should be a recall to fix this issue instead of customers having to spend their money on a known problem. Get with it VW!!!! -
I have had this problem before. 1st the VAGs don't always give the exact problem. The common glow plug #3 error code could mean the problem is anywhere in the harness or plug set. In my case I found that replacing only the plug in error did not work. Even if all contacts are clean, the harness is good, and all of the glow plugs are OK, if there is more than a 3ohm difference in impedance between any of the glow plugs the code will not go away. Put the plugs on a meter to find the culprit or if they are a few years old just replace all 4. Then clear the code with a VAG. -
just had timing belt and water pump replacement. 12 hours later, I now have a #2 glow plug issue. Could it be somethihg the dealer did? -
The dealer checked the diagnostic code when the light came on and it was for the glow plugs. The engine light came on, however, only when the car was cool. I had to have the glow plugs and wiring harness replaced which cost $648. This issue occurred 4 days after I replaced my timing belt, water pump and thermostat as recommended maintenance. My car is a 2006, not within the range reported with this problem. -
check engine light stays on no matter what maintenace done and has been taking up to three times to start, then sounds rough for 10-15 min. of idle/drive time. I just had to replace my ENGINE! AAAGGGHHH Due to blown piston in my 2003/04 jetta desiel wagon. 4/4/2011 and now new different engine same mileageyear put in and has diffucult starts. I'm freaking out it cost me 4,000 to put in different engine. -
2014 Jetta TDI Manual. 4 months old. First cold morning of the season, check engine light came on. Took it in, they replaced a glow plug. Two weeks later, same thing. Took it back in. This time they are consulting with some service specialist, and I think they are planning to replace the harness. Dropped car of Friday at 7 am, hoping they will resolve early next week. Also reading up on Florida Lemon Law. -
My check engine light came on and I took my car to the shop and they said the glow plugs needed replaced I haven't even owned the car 4 months yet. -
Not able to pass smog because the check engine light continues to illuminate I have change and corrected all of the problem s .. -
Hasn't been fixed. Replaced glow plugs(as recommended ) Diagnosis was to repace #2 plug -
rough start or will not start in cold weather. My comp. scanner read code " #1 glow -plug " dealer suggested maybe relay board, we sold a lot lately. but would garentee this would fix the problem. So I don't trust them working on my car, I bought new from them. -
I have now had three engine harness/glow plug harness failures in 80,000 miles. The repair is $1,000. Clearly volkswagen has failed to "fix" the problem. Simply put the vehicle is not reliable. -
Faulty glow plug #4 error code. The glow plug was tested and the pressure sensor on the plug was bad, but the glow plug portion of it worked fine. Less than a week after having it replaced, the error code returned. Now the dealership is claiming it's an issue with the harness connector (not the entire wiring harness)for that glow plug and needs to be replaced. It didn't pass "the wiggle test". I haven't let them replace it yet because I don't trust them. -
glow plugs # 3 problem engene light. replaced all glow plugs didn't help -
newer glow plugs, new relay and tech says it's the harness -
Check engine light code 672 glow plug / or wiring ? -
Same issue, though computer showed bad glow plug1&2. Replaced. Shortly after that bad glow plug 3&4. Replaced those but the check engine light came back on. We then realized it was the wiring harness. -
Check Eng light on - replaced one glow plug ($409) - one week later same thing - another glow plug - ($294) - Miami area -
Early in February, my 2012 VW Jetta TDI had 20,000 mile service performed. Next week, car suddenly lost power and check engine warning started blinking. Went to dealer and was told manifold cowling was not replaced correctly and corner of cover developed a crack causing cowling to move which pushed/pulled wire harness. After pulling off the cowling, the engine ran normally. A new cover was ordered and installed a week later. Car now runs well. -
Glow plugs have not worked since I purchased the car in April 2011. Someone had replaced the original harness before I bought the car, but that obviously did not resolve the issue. Since then I have discovered that the glow plugs will work if I disconnect the tempurature sensor, but then I do not have a working temp gauge. I have replaced the sensor, but that did not solve the issue. Car currently has 305,000 has developed other electical issues since then such as door locks not locking correctly and about 3 months ago the CD player stopped working. Since approximately then, I have had issues with the battery draining. I replaced the battery about 2 months ago, but it will still drain completely if I let it sit for more than 1 day(2 days when the battery was brand new). -
They sold me a software update for $250... Software update.... Sounds cheaper than that. Google does it 20 times a month and is free. -
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