Pontiac Grand Prix Problem Report

Pontiac Grand Prix Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue

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Illumination of the Check Engine Light can be caused by a loose or worn gas cap.

check engine light is on. I get a message to check gas cap. I replaced the gas cap but am still getting the same message. -
i had 2 codes one catilac converter had that repaired po455 code had that checked smoke test found no leak went to gm dealer got new gas cap how long does it take before check engine light goes off -
Why does the information center ( where the day and date, odometer etc. are displayed ) in my 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix V6 3.8 liter always say check gas cap? When I fill up my gas tank I always make sure to click my gas cap three times to make sure it's closed. And by the next day my information center will say check gas cap and when I do, sure enough it is loose. I bought another gas cap (kind of a generic one) and it still does the same thing. I went to a Pontiac dealer and asked them and they had no idea. they told me to replace the gas cap. So once again I bought another gas cap that I purchased from the Pontiac dealer that is exactly the same as my original gas cap. And again my car keeps saying check gas cap! I've search the web and find nothing to help me with this problem. -
Check gas cap indicator keeps coming up. Checked the cap several times, then replaced the cap. Still comes on..... -
Ive had this problem continuously for pretty much the lifetime of the car and I bought it new. Replacing the gas cap has not solved the problem. -
Changed Gas Cap still has indicator light for check gas cap -
New gas cap did not fix the problem. Throwing code P0455 - EVAP system leak (large) - customer had to take car on trip and will drop it back off when they return. -
Check engine light came on. Problem was corrected by installation of a new gas cap and gas line filter. -
car indicated gas cap failure on service screen - replaced cap and warning cleared itself. -
Light in car indicated gas cap loose replaced gas cap still not fixed issue. -
Check gas cap, not fixed -
I've had this happened to me as well after replacing cap for the third time I found out I had a small leak in the evap. fuel emission canister which I have to have replaced -
My check engine light came on. Problem diagnosed was loose fitting gas gap. Bought new cap and light went off. -
message center instructs me to check gas cap. Nothing wrong with it. Pontiac should do a recall and fix the problem. -
Emmision light on. Went off and came back on after fueling up the vehicle. Light since on hae ordered a new gas cap to see if this fixes the problem -
Replaced cap, smoke test negative. Still getting light. -
Same thing; Engine light comes on esp after filling up. -
made sure cap was tight -
This will be the 4TH GAS CAP replaced since I bought it in 2008! -
gas cap light on, replace with new still came back on after reset. -
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