Cadillac CTS Problem Report

Cadillac CTS Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue

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Illumination of the Check Engine Light can be caused by a loose or worn gas cap.

Cap was loose and caused check engine light. When tested error read as some kind of leak. But, all was needed was to tighten the gas cap and have the error message removed. -
Ive been having the engine light stay on now.........changed the gas cap.. still on.... 2003 cts v6 -
same problem with my car check engine light due to gas cap -
at 48000 miles the check engine light has come on 3times the the car dealer replaced a sensor to the gas tank and it came back on. The GM dealer said it was the wire to the sensor. A week later it came back on. They spent 4 hours trying to figure it out. They reset it. Now at 54000 miles it is on again. I am thinking somebody at on star is putting the light on. I had simular problems with my 97 catera oillight. And now my warranty is done. The front passanger shock is making noise. The auto trac and auto stablization is out of control. -
Ingine light came on and I had it checked for free at NAPA and was told that probably the gas cap not sealing correctly and to replace this first...... Replaced the cap at a cost of around $8 and that fixed that problem... By the way NAPA had the replacement cap right there in their store... No service charge just the purchase of the new gas cap... Problem fixed and light off! -
c-1 coil gone already ?? -
I replaced the gas Cap and corrected the problem. -
engine light light up due to Gas Cap Issue. I replaced it... -
Engine light came on due to gas cap. -
On dash said check gas cap, took it off, put it back on, corrected problem. -
Traded this car to my sister and noted engine light on shortly after she got it last spring. Also the high beam light bulb wasn't working. Cost her $500 to get it replaced (fixed) So much for trying to give her a decent car. -
Engine light on due to gas cape -
the gas cap msg has come one twice since I bought the car just over 60 days ago. I've had no other problems with it till now. Now the check engine light is on -
126000 miles when problem started -
Too lazy to buy another gas cap, doesn't seem to effect much, just an annoying light. -
Check engine light comes on due to gas cap not sealing. -
Check engine light came on took to dealership and they told me the gas cap was loose -
This may be a cap issue, but it also may be # 3 clyinder. It will be expensive to find out -
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