Chevrolet S10 Problem Report

Chevrolet S10 Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue

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Illumination of the Check Engine Light may be the result of a loose or worn gas cap.

"service engine soon" code-303 (missfire on no three cylinder)- light keeps comeing on and after I drive it for a few days it goes off then the same again in a few days. I've changed vaccum line;s under the hood. putnew spark plugs & wireing, new coil, & new GM gas cap,- the only thing I haven't checked is the vaccum lines to canister and canister -
Engine light on, test meter code shows evac. Changed gas cap and didn't go off. What next. -
Local AutoZone found the problem/ new gas cap resolved the check engine light! -
check engine light came on, got the code ran..came to be emissions code...put a new cap on a never seen the light again -
Tightened the cap? -
check engine lights comes on. Vacuum trouble with gas cap. Changed three times. still can not open gas cap, sometimes I have to shut off car, and wait four hours until vacuum is reduced to open gas cap. ( All gas caps purchased in Auto parts store, after checking book for the correct cap. Still having problems. Two caps had to be broken off to finally get them off. -
Replaced cap , no more issues -
engine come when want to po 440 coed -
Check engine light came on just before the inspection was due. Had the code read. The guy at the parts place recommended replacing the gas cap first. It did the trick. -
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