Chevrolet Aveo Problem Report

Chevrolet Aveo Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue

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Illumination of the Check Engine Light can be caused by a loose or worn gas cap.

Replaced gas cap. The check engine light stayed off for two wks. and is back on again. -
worn gas cap caused engine light to come on. replaced cap and passed smog test -
I click the gas cap 3 times past the normal clicking & the check engine light still stays one, need help to fix it or find someone who can. Thank you. -
I was overseas serving in the military when the recall started, by the time I returned the recall had expired. -
There is a recall on this problem -
Check engine light came on due to faulty gas cap. -
replaced gas cap 2x -
This started about 5 years ago at 25,000 miles, and all I have to do is to turn the gas cap at least 3 turns to make sure that the Check Engine light doesn't come on. If it does and it is shortly after you pump gas into the car, then you know that you haven't turned it past 3 turns on the gas cap. This problem hasn't happened to me since it started 5 years ago. -
changed gas cap -
Made sure gas cap was tightened and it completed the problem. Gas cover fell off. Have noticed other with the same problem -
Check engine light went on and the repair man said the gas cap wasn't locking so the gas fumes were not being properly cycled through the engine. I just had to get the gas cap replaced; it cost about $25. -
put a new gas cap on -
The cap just wasnt twisted tight enough and the Check Engine light came on. I brought it in to my mechanic and paid for them to tell me this, lame. -
Looks like my MAP Sensor has gone out. -
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