Chevrolet Tracker Problem Report

Chevrolet Tracker Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue

(15 reports)

A Loose or worn gas cap may cause Check Engine Light to illuminate.

gas cap makes the check engine light come on. bought new cap worked for two days now its back on after I refuel. -
replaced the gas cap and the code went away. Cheap fix! -
Tires Plus reset the warning light after a diagnostic test showing that it was the gas cap. 1 1/2 months later I am stranded when the fuel pump goes out. Coincidence??? -
I am the original and only owner of my 2003 Tracker LT and noticed that my check engine light goes on when gas cap is not on properly. Even though I replaced the cap 2 times and checked the tightness of the cap. It is annoying but really happy that's all it is. Solution: If light goes on, check gas cap and/or replace cap yearly. Very inexpensive. Please note, when check engine light comes on, first check gas cap then other issues. :) -
My check engine light comes off and on because of gas cap problem -
Check engine light was diagnosed as gas cap. I replaced it..Drove for one day now check engine light is on again -
Same check engine light. -
Computer sensor "check engine" light came on. Local auto part store computer check stated " to check gas cap". Sensor light went off. -
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