Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue on Chevrolet Equinox

A Loose or worn gas cap may cause Check Engine Light to illuminate.

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Average mileage: 72,211 (15,000–180,000)
9 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, more2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
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I have owned my equinox for 1 month have a had my check gas cap message come on twice since i have owned yesterday being one of the times and today my check engine light is on I had onstar run a diagnostic test and stated it was something with the emissions. Has anyone had this problem? Im calling the dealership tomorrow, I hope whatever it is covered in my warranty.
Engine light coming on and every time we take it to dealer the say is faulty gas cap. Replaced and is ok for about a year and then light comes on and cap is loose and will not tighten. I replaced two since purchasing new in 2007. Is there a better cap I can purchase I have always bought from dealer.
All of a sudden the engine light is on. Everything works fine, no engine or other mechanical problem.
The light comes on only when it is extremely cold.
replaced gas cap myself with GM part - cost under $30
Found cheap I bought it . Shortly after using only this gas the check engine light came on.switched back to my regular gas and tightened the gas cap...went away.comes on usually after I get gas. I changed caps but the new one would not seat properly so the light came on again. I took back the new cap, and used the, older one but cleaned it we'll along with the port. The light went off and has stayed off. I had AutoZone scan the OBD... and it stated there was a large leak. Gas cap was the first reason!!!!!. I will never buy another chevy... they cannot seem to engineer cars the way they used to. All of the problems we have had are related to miss poor design and engineering. The ignition(470.00),CD player,Windows won't go down or up, ac works when it wants,the list goes on and on. I take care r e and change my own oil I have to remove engine parts to change the plugs???. The brake sensors are shot also, Nd, this is a known problem. Instead of waiting for class action litigation, maybe chevy or GM should do the right thing and just take care of the problems instead of denying all the posts about common issues COMMON PEOPLE have.
It all started about 8 months ago. I felt a pulsating when backing out of my driveway first thing in the morning. This is the only time it would happen. I thought it was a break problem. Took it to my mechanic. Tests showed misfire in once cylinder but only on initial start up in morning. Chevy's suggested fix - replace EGR valve, plugs and wires. It was ok for about a week and started again. Next suggestion from Chevy - replace O2 sensors. Ran ok again for a couple of weeks and started again. This time ran a valve cleaner through and a smoke check for leaks. No leaks found. Still misfiring. 2 more valve cleaners run through. Was ok for about 3 months. Started misfiring again and now check engine light is on. Still waiting for diagnosis. Since Chevy knows this is a problem, why isn't there any recalls? My idea is because they don't know how to fix their poor design.
Gas cap throws on Engine Light....purchased an after market cap, light came back on. Problem resolved with a cap ordered from a Chevy Dealer for the exact year, make and model......light never came back on.
Check engine comes on.I added premium grade gasoline. Light went out but came back on when gas tank is half full. It is cold weather and engine sputters at idle startup or when I accelorate from a stop.
Received several messages about the gas cap being loose. Tightened it every time. Then the Check Engine light came on due to loose gas cap. Took it to the dealer. They replaced the gas cap. Check Engine light came on again about a week later. Dealer replaced a valve in the fuel system. Picking the car up today, so don't know if that will be a permanent fix or not.
Check engine light appeared
My battery was dead. I had the battery jumped. The Engine light was on and the transmission would barely move the car. I called the Chev Service but he said he couldn't work on it for two or three days. I had not bought Gas lately but I decided to check the Gas Cap. It was loose. After I tightened It the Check engine light went out and my transmission was back to full power. I don't understand the connection but It was all a loose Gas Cap.
gas cap not sealing throwing engine lite on
did the whole gas cap replace ok for a day now back on
Check engine light
Today, out of the blue my warning light came on. I immediately looked in the car manual for what that light symbol was. Emissions problem. Possible gas cap. I turned car off, replaced the gas cap and started engine again. Light stayed on. My fuel gauge was low so I fueled up with Premium gas and drove 55 miles tonight and light is still on. I had a 2009 Envoy that did the same thing and they never did find what the problem was on it. Kinda funny now this SUV is doing the same thing.
Gas cap would not tighten. Replaced cap. Problem solved.
The check engine light comes on repeatedly for this same issue. I have replaced the gas cap 2 times and it still displays. It is sporadic but it does cause the check engine light to come on. I just try to tighten the cap or open/shut it. it is very annoying.
I have had what I consider to be major work done to my Sport over the last year. Timing chains, Tensioners, Catalytic, Shifter assy, and now most recently Gas cap vapor sensor. 2 weeks after completing the later, I now have "hot engine, A/C off" and the check engine light, on AGAIN!!! Cooling fan runs constant, and after turning off, yet temp gauge does not move. I do not know if there is now another "sensor" gone bad, and another $300 needs be shelled out, or if I have to replace yet another thermostat. Yes, not my first.
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