Toyota RAV4 Problem Report

Toyota RAV4 Check Engine Light Due to Failure of EGR Valve Control Solenoid

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The Exhaust gas recirculation valve control solenoid may fail intermittently, illuminating the Check Engine Light.

Changed valve, sensor, solenoid. -
1) Getting a p0401 code (EGR problem). 2) Mechanic runs diagnostic test. Says the EGR is fine, but the VSV (Vacuum Switching Valve) does not provide suction. 3) Replaced VSV. 4) Same code come up. HELP!!! -
Replaced the switch/valve. Problem solved. Dealer wanted $350.00 to change. Read how to do it on line. It is a bear. But my total cost was $40.00 for the switch. I also had to buy a camera to even find it (Harbor Freight $70.00) -
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