Toyota Avalon Problem Report

Toyota Avalon Check Engine Light Due to Failed Oxygen Sensor

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The Check Engine Light may illuminate because a component of the oxygen sensor stops working. As a result the engine computer is unable to determine the proper ratio of air to fuel for the engine. Replacing the failed oxygen sensor should correct this concern.


My check engine light is on. They say it is the o2 sensor. I was told that if don't properly place on your gas cap this could happen. However, I do want to fix the problem. As a woman, I have learned to not much trust many repair shops. How much is too much for this job. -
Yes, I have this problem. I purchased an OBDII tool online. When it is time for inspection, I hook up the tool, turn off the MIL light and codes, drive 100 miles, and it passes. Tool is only about $50. There is nothing wrong with the car, runs great, think this is a scam to get you to bring it to a dealer and they charge you $350-$700 to repair, and it still comes on. Then they want to tell you it is something else, and charge you again. Happened to my neighbor. -
I had a check engine light with an error code for bank 1 sensor 2; changed the sensor and performed soft computer reset. within 10 minutes light illuminated again; error code for same sensor. -
Check engine light on - fix described as "replaced air fuel ratio sensor and cleared code in computer" - $224 labor, $242 parts cost, $22.40 shop supplies. Is this reasonable? -
Failed oxygen sensor. I just ignored it. The check engine light finally stopped coming on about 6 months ago. -
Had to pay $250 to change the sensor........ Sucked! -
replaced sensor -
Check engine light came on. No performance issues that I could tell. They replaced the B1S1 O2 Sensor. The Sensor was welded into place on to the manifold over time and it was really inaccessible. It required a lot of time and labor to complete the repair however it was not done at a dealer. It was done at a small shop. -
Car still runs fine. To eliminate check engine light from staying on, disconnect positive battery cable for 5 minutes, reconnect, then you can dive car (to inspection station) without light appearing for about 5 key cycles. -
Check engine light came on few months ago and it was O2 sensor related. -
had to replace oxygen sensor gas mileage went up afterward but still not as good as first 50,000 miles otherwise great all auto shops at dealers that i know of are liars and need to locate good local mechanic jay hicks -
One sensor failed first and then the other. -
My wife purchased a 2006 Toyota Avalon just after Christmas. The warranty expired on the car last week. After the expiration of the warranty, the check engine light came on while I was driving. I took the car to a mechanic and the problem was a faulty oxygen sensor. The sensor was replaced. I was driving the car tonight and the check engine light came on again. My wife's previous car had 125,000 miles on it. She owned this car for ten years and the check engine light never came on during this time. A car should not be having engine problems with mileage this low. -
Light is on. Last time this happened it was the O2 sensor. Got to fix because car inspection is due next month. -
Oxygen sensor failed and VSC & VSC OFF and CHECK lights switched on. After this fuel usage increased up to 20 liters per 100 kilometers. Could you advise how to get rid of this problems. Also I replaced one of the front Oxygen sensor and it also stopped working after 10 days. -
Rough running at times, especially at idle. I live at 11 feet above sea level. When living at 7,000 feet above sea level the problem greatly increased. However, since the oxygen sensor was changed the car runs great again! I love my 1999 Avalon! -
Both O2 sensors went out about 2 months apart -
I have been ignoring it because the car runs fine. Hopefully, I can get the part and install it myself. -
Both valve cover gasket were heavily leaking. Could smell the burning motor oil. Independent mechanic fixed by R&R both valve cover gaskets. -
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