Toyota Camry Problem Report

Toyota Camry Check Engine Light Due to Failed EVAP Purge Control Valve

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Intermittent failure of a purge control valve in the evaporative emission system can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. A failed valve should be replaced to correct this problem.


Same problem here since 2010 please see this web site for the problem on many 98 Camrys built before Feb 28 of 1998 when Toyota fixed the problem with improved part (s) Toyota lost a suit filed by the US EPA that may cover your car. see also the link below. -
Evaporation canister valve-engine light on -
Codes po441+446.I got these codes one day right after filling up. -
Check engine light came on; canister valve was diagnosed to be not working properly - sticking. Mechanic closed valve and replaced gas cap. Within a couple of weeks check engine light came back on. Canister - closed valve part of evap canister. Light came back on some weeks later and has been on and off for past couple of months. New problem: engine seems to stumble (like not getting consistent flow of gas or engine missing) at cruising speed - not consistently. -
haven't fixed it yet, but check engine light is on and code shows error in the evap system. Car seems to run just fine with the error, but even clearing the code, it came back next time i started the car. -
Light on and I failed the smog test even though the emissions were normal or better, but the purg valve had failed. -
still running with p0441 code 1998 v6 Camry....code came on at has 146K passed California smog by cleaning the purge valve and IAC...engine light went away but came back on again....sounds like a badly engineered evap system...ive hear people replacing full charcoal canister, evap valvs still problem comes back again...had three Camry 96, 98, 97...all had emission issues that are difficult to diagnose...even by dealer...won't buy Toyota again.. -
Check engine light came on do to evp canister -
Maybe 2 times a year the Check Engine light will come on and the code is related to the EVAP system. Just reset the Check Engine and it goes away for the next 5 - 6 months. -
code P0446 -
Takes half an hour to fill a 16 gallon tank, and now mileage is at 50-75% what it should be. Has not been fixed yet. -
same deal, check engine light on after motor rebuild.Paid a mech to add a new exhaust system as well from manifold back. reset code,next day,check engine light back on."egr" issue as before.Have put well over 2300 into this car in repairs.otherwise car is in like new has 175k on the od. -
How much does it cost to get this problem fixed -
Check engine light came on for no apparent reason. I replaced the gas cap, but that worked for 2 days. I changed the battery and the check engine light went out. After about 100 miles it came back on. It has been on for nearly 2 years. That doesn't seem to affect the operation of the car. I am just going to ignore it, unless it causes the car to run bad or stop running. I'm tired of trying to figure out what the problem is. -
It has only been diagnosed -- not yet fixed. Garage gives estimate of $600, which seems excessive. Looking for better solution. -
car would not start and keep running. started and died quickly 3 times. Toyota repair shop took 2 and 1/2 days to diagnose problem. -
Check engine light came out. -
Check engine light on and off. Changed gas cap 3 x in one month because mechanic advised me to but three weeks later check engine light turns on again. -
check engine light came on coded out as evap canister -
The check engine light was coming on intermittently. The first fix was to replace the EGR valve for and EGR specific error code; that fix worked. Code 441 and 450 (EVAP) were more difficult. I replaced the pressure sensor valve for the evap system ($200 from junkyard) which worked for 60 miles. I bought a code reader and replaced the VSV for the pressure sensor valve (worked for 60 miles). Then toyota parts person looked at my gas cap and said that was the problem because it was missing a center piece; 80 miles later that was not it. My mechanic replaced the entire charcoal canister ($600)including the EVAP VSV. Day I picked it up the engine light came on with 450 code (pressure sensor valve) so I put the original sensor back in and am waiting to see what happens next. My mechanic said the evap system on all cars is troublesome and largely unnecessary. I cant pass inspection without it, even though I reset the codes the inspection station is looking for 100 miles of data. They wont pass a car that has just be reset. -
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