Honda Accord Problem Report

Honda Accord Check Engine Light Due to Failed Air Fuel Sensor

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Issues with the air fuel sensor (oxygen sensor) can set a Check Engine Light.  A failed sensor will need to be replaced for this repair.


The O2 sensor is allegedly bad. This might be a computer problem mis-reading. Honda recommended a fix. You can read about it here: -
Check Engine Light (CEL) came on. I went to Autozone and had the codes read. P0507 and P0141 came up. I bought the Bosch OEM replacement for the secondary sensor that screws into the catalytic converter. The wire from the oxygen sensor comes up through the floor board under the right front seat and plugs into an OEM connector. Be sure to replace the oxygen sensor with an OEM version, so you can easily plug it in without cutting any wires, etc. -
My 2004 engine light came on. Diagnosis revealed a failed oxygen sensor. I think I paid about $185 to have it replaced in Tacoma, WA. -
Engine lite came on....had a computer check ran....oxygen sensor was bad....replaced...runing great now. -
Check engine light; 02 sensor; bank 1, sensor 1. Repair quote from Roberts Automotive $398 :-( -
Software Update - Didn't Work Replacement of 1 Bad Sensors -
o2 sensor problem, bought Denso For $79 changed myself -
oxigen sensor bank 2 not working -
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