Mercedes-Benz E500 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz E500 Center Arm Rest Cup Holder May Break

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The cup holder in the center console may break.

Cupholder would not come up when depressed -
My center arm rest cup holder broke at about 40,000 miles. loe to find a used one. -
Center cup holder will not "pop up" when silver toggle button is pressed. -
does not open automatically -
It broke... -
cup holder wont work -
Broken cup holder will not come up -
no longer use cup holder too much of issue -
Silver tab does not deploy cup holder. Manually pull up, not ideal but functional -
would no longer deploy, spring retention point damaged -
Same thing, but I didn't bother to have it looked at. I simply pull up the cup holder with two hands and it works. Annoying, but functional. -
Cupholder broke. Did a "functional fix" -- not pretty, but with two hands it works. -
Small plastic spring anchor tab broke. The spring does nothing now, so the cupholder doen not respond when the button is pushed. I looked at a new one I think they wanted about $160. I just push the button and pull the cupholder up with a small hook i keep in the center consol. -
At first the holder just gummed up and didn't slide smoothly. I cleaned it, thinking it was just syrup from Cokes or coffee, and that fixed it for awhile, but eventually it just fell apart. It was poorly constructed for the amount of wear and tear it was going to receive. Now, I just put my cup in the cavity. That works better. -
I have the same problem on the Center arm Rest Cup Holder will not open when I push the release button. Is their an easy way to fixed this problem. Thank you, Art Cabrera -
The cupholder is broken and has not been fixed at this point -
Cupholder won't pop up and have to manually force it back down. -
cup holder won't close -
It "just broke" ;like the piece of cheap plastic that it is. The cup-holder is way over designed. -
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