Mercedes-Benz E320 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz E320 Center Arm Rest Cup Holder May Break

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The cup holder in the center console may break.

Add me to the list of cup holders that are cheap or just poorly designed that decide not to pop up -
Made of flimsy plastic. Bad design, sticks out and easy to bang into. In and out mechanism just stopped operating and cup holder got stuck in center console. -
My cup holder failed first under warranty and was replaced by MB. As soon as my warranty was up, the cup holder failed again. I removed the assemly, found poor designed plastic retaining tabs for the spring had broken. I replaced the spring retaining tabs with the thin metal piece (size of a letter return label) and reinstaller the cup holder. That was 2005, and even with lots of use and no special care in use.......never a problem. -
Cup holder stuck down and won't come up. -
cup holder broke. replaced it for $85 -
cup holder does not spring up or open ! very cheaply made ! -
My cup holder got stuck for no reason. I just pull the whole unit out because I am not paying to get it fix. Cheaply made for sure. -
Bought a new cupholder from Poland on the web. Fits perfectly -
cup holder broke will not flip up. -
Don't let any debris fall into the cavity the cup holder rests in. It can jam the holder. In my case, this causes the spring to break. I was able to rig it so it worked again. Later the little gear that allows smooth deployment became loose and wouldn't let the holder deploy. I had to remove the assembly, push the gear down to get the holder to extend, then put the holder back in place while already extended. When the gear finally broke completely off, the cup holder began to work properly! :) -
Broken gear. Not fixed. -
Cup holder is broken -
cup holder is worthless -
cup holder broke. Dealer ask for $150.00. No cup holder on my car -
Spring broke it it. Haven't repaired it. I would have to replace it. -
My cup holder is stuck shut. This occurred several years ago and I could not get it fixed. -
cup holder break went i first open the cup holder -
Cupholder breakage -
Front Arm Rest Console Cup Holder Broke, Won't pop up anymore, same problem everybody else seems to have -
The cup holder is stuck. Broken spring. Will not pop-up -
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