CD Player in Radio May Fail on GMC Canyon

The CD player in the radio may fail. Our technicians tell us that the radio will need to be removed and sent out to a radio repair shop to correct this condition.

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Average mileage: 76,071 (21,000–177,300)
6 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, more2008, 2012
28 people reported this problem
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2005 GMC Canyon 90,000 mi,
CD player won't work. Wont play CD that is in the player and just makes clicking noises when you try to eject the disc. CD appears stuck. Also noticed from date of purchase that the dash above my cd player always appears unusually warm and so do CD's that were removed from player. Always worried about the unit overheating and causing a fire.
I have to continually Help the CD insertion .. in order for 'reading CD' operation.. I push it in with a credit card.. immediately after it is take in by CD player.. immediately..
2005 GMC Canyon 36,000 mi,
CD Player does not eject or play CDs. Tries to read the discs but does not respond.
2004 GMC Canyon 134,500 mi,
The CD would not work after replacing the positive battery terminal. The vehicle was without power for about 2 hours while I went to pick up a new terminal. The radio works fine but the CD that has 6 discs inside says no disc, will not empty or the green load light will not light. It was working fine up to the short power outage.
2007 GMC Canyon 51,000 mi,
my cd player stopped playing it doesn't read it then kicks it out . it started to do it at 40,000mi.
2006 GMC Canyon 116,095 mi,
The cd portion will not accept the cd. Keeps ejecting it.
2004 GMC Canyon 49,000 mi,
rejects cd after trying to read with no success. It is still not working.
2008 GMC Canyon 71,000 mi,
The stereos CD player has broken twice nice. First time was under warranty. Second time it is not and is still broken.
2005 GMC Canyon 156,734 mi,
Try's to read cd and won't eject It
CD player o/c Will not play or eject disc.
Not fixable. Need new player. Still has CD stuck inside
2006 GMC Canyon 80,000 mi,
cd player won't play at all. won't take cd's or extract cd's
2005 GMC Canyon 55,000 mi,
CD will no longer load, just started today
2012 GMC Canyon 21,000 mi,
I bought the car used and I had to get my radio replaced 4 times before GM was able to finally fix the problem. And even then the CD player takes a good 5 minutes to decide to start working.
2005 GMC Canyon 55,000 mi,
CD player won't play and won't eject the CD - just makes a weird noise when trying to do so. I was able to get the CD out by sliding another CD slightly under it (about 1/4 of the way in) while pushing the eject button. Then like a dipwad I tried it again it - and same thing happened ..... was able to get that one out too - hate not having a CD player - sounds like a lot of people got subpar players! Actually, I remember my player skipping years ago - probably about 35,000 miles.
2007 GMC Canyon 148,000 mi,
keeps cd inside - won't play or eject
2005 GMC Canyon 40,000 mi,
CD player will not play or eject- it will try to read but that is all.
my CD player does not pull the cd in and if i push it in far enough it won't eject it. it just won't work.
I ejected a Cd to put a different one in and it would only go about a quarter of the way in. The Cd player starting making a noise like a record skipping. I have not had a chance to have it looked at.
CD player ate my cd and wont eject it