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2002 Ford Focus

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2002 Ford Focus Problems

Brakes -- Verified

Warped front brake rotors may cause the steering wheel to shimmy when the brakes are applied. Our technicians tell us the brake rotors and pads should  be replaced to correct this concern.

2002 Ford Focus Recalls (Recent)

Body, Interior & Misc., March 9, 2005

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Ford has recalled certain 2000-2005 Focus vehicles in states that use road salt because corrosion may build up at the pawl pivot area of the rear door latch. This may prevent the door from latching properly. If this occurs, an occupant could fall out of the vehicle. Dealers will install a lower rocker seal to the door to prevent corrosive material from entering and will evaluate the rear door latches, which will either be lubricated or replaced.

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Drive Train, April 25, 2002

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Ford has recalled 2002 Focus vehicles with manual transmissions because the throttle body may stick during wide open acceleration. The speed control cable may hang up on the throttle body bracket and not allow the throttle to release. This may make it difficult to stop the vehicle. Dealers will replace the throttle body assembly.

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2002 Ford Focus Questions and Answers

sky, 2002 Ford Focus, 2.0L 4 Cylinder SOHC, Geneseo, NY

2002 focus lx I changed the thermostat and the thermostat sensor but heat is barely warm!! why and how do I fix it

lbadazz, 2002 Ford Focus, 2.0L 4 Cylinder SOHC, Fort Morgan, CO

do anyone know how to fix this prob the horn gos off then the headlights go off and it keeps doing this like every 45 to 1 hr can someone help me pleazzzzz

rmwag, 2002 Ford Focus, 2.0L 4 Cylinder DOHC, Harper Woods, MI

I have the hood open and am looking down at the Fan Motor Assembly. Which of the dual fans is for the Air Cond? The one on my left as I'm looking down, or the one on my right? Thanks for th...

iszyrose, 2002 Ford Focus, Overland Park, KS

I have had these tow lights on due to emissions leaks. No one has been able to tell me why exactly they are on and how to fix the problem so that they turn off. Please help.

Tramp, 2002 Ford Focus, 2.0L 4 Cylinder DOHC, Houston, TX

the water in the resivor gets depjeted for no apperant reason.I can reservice it and it will run fine for period of time. Ive checked for leaks none found. it is not leaking on the ground. any idea...

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2002 Ford Focus Reviews

Hello, my 2001 ford focus; 89K~ Ive had it 4years now, iits been a good car and needed some repairs. Such as replace a/c unit, engine mounts, rotars, and now head gaskets. Other then that, tthis American Car has been a good car to me Ive gotten my ware n tear in. It also needs to stepup its game to compete with the EUO's. Same compliants fix prombles do a free recall, save me money or somewhere near down the line get exposed like Toyata. I bought American for a Reason, I may convert my Currancy Next!!

We have 184k miles on our 2002 Ford Focus hatchback and it's been a great little car. We just replaced the front struts, sway bar links and outer tie rods, rear shocks and all brakes on the car. The exhaust has been replaced with a Summit Racing stainless steel exhaust. Our son has owned the car for several years and it's been dependable and economical to maintain. It has always had full synthetic oil in it and we've used AMSOIL 5w20 since we've owned it. We'll keep it on the road as long as we can!

this has been a very good car-need to keep tires rotate and they won't cup-2.0 sohc engine may drop valve seat and ruin engine with no warning
usually after 140-150 thousand miles but can happen earlier

overall not a bad car at all-remember this is not a lincoln.

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