2006 Ford Focus Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2006 Ford Focus

2006 Ford Focus Problems

rear door latch broken

The rear driverside door would not stay shut. We tried everything but the latch would not latch. We ended up taking it to our mechanic and he had to replace the entire latch mechanism. This should never happen considering that this door is hardly used and the car only has 37000 miles on it.

Broken motor mounts

All 3 motor mounts are broken and repair is expected to be around $800.

Warped Front Brake Rotors Can Cause Steering Wheel Shimmy

Warped front brake rotors may cause the steering wheel to shimmy when the brakes are applied. Our technicians tell us the brake rotors and pads should  be replaced to correct this concern.

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2006 Ford Focus Questions

Car won't start fuel pump is working pump the gas it will start but runs rough (1 answer)

But will die

My battery light is on just started today while driving. I took it to advanced (2 answers)

auto and had the battery tested they said it was low but they couldn't check the alternator until it was off the car and they said for me to get a new battery first. The car starts and drives fine could it be a sensor?

Why do my rear hazard flashers activate when I have my left turn signal on? (1 answer)

It also flashes faster than normal at times. Already put a new signal switch on the steering column.

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2006 Ford Focus Reviews

I have only 43,000 miles on this car and it squeekes like a rusty bed spring. The heat shield was loose and has been fixed Front sway bars and sway bar link was replace but sound continues. It sounds like the fram is coming apart. I hate this and will never get another Ford. it is an embarrassment.
Bought my focus wagon new in 2006. I had the latch on the hatch replaced in the first 6 months after losing stuff twice out the back on the road. Replaced the brakes and first set of tires around 30k miles, replaced another set of brakes at 50K and 2 more sets of rear tires before hitting 100k miles. Changed the shocks and struts around 50k miles. Needless to say, I'm not happy with how For...
My car is only 4 years old and I've had to put in a new water pump, brakes, power steering pump, and now I'm told one of the motor mounts needs to be replaced (plus tires but that is to be expected). I bought it new and have had regular schedule maintenance performed since then. It seems to have a lot of issues for a fairly new car.

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