2004 Ford Focus Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2004 Ford Focus

2004 Ford Focus Problems

Warped front brake rotors may cause the steering wheel to shimmy when the brakes are applied. Our technicians tell us the brake rotors and pads should  be replaced to correct this concern.

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2004 Ford Focus Questions

140k/ engine lite on. engine hot has stink. runs ruff then cuts out when hot. diagauge says not enuf air to engine. eng.cuts out on hwy
complete sensor replaced, tuned up, hoses replaced, leads replaced, brakes ok, no oil leak, exhaust clean, battery good,

My car's Check Engine Light came on a year ago, and the local repair shop replaced the downstream oxygen sensor. That lasted for 3-4 weeks, and the Check Engine Light came back on with same error code again. Since then, my local repair shop has replaced that same Downstream Oxygen Sensor 5-6 ...

started to get hot stopped for more coolant and now car won't turn over tries to start but it doesn't.

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2004 Ford Focus Recalls

Ford has recalled certain 2000-2005 Focus vehicles in states that use road salt because corrosion may build up at the pawl pivot area of the rear door latch. This may prevent the door from latching properly. If this occurs, an occupant could fall out of the vehicle. Dealers will install a lower rocker seal to the door to prevent corrosive material from entering and will evaluate the rear door latches, which will either be lubricated or replaced.

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2004 Ford Focus Reviews

I am the original owner of this focus since I have owned it I had the rear door latches replaced twice and there still not working again, the transmission went out without warning,the trunk release is not working and do not know what relay or fuse to replace on it,the cd player has acted up since we bought this car as well

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