Careful - Bluetooth system malfuntions on Volkswagen CC

Average mileage: 52,469 (34–134,000)
6 model years affected: 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, more2014, 2015
28 people reported this problem
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2010 Volkswagen CC 73,400 mi,
Today My cars Bluetooth wouldn't connect. I tried to reconnect and it still wouldn't work. I cant delete the phone out of the car, I don't get the option to. I turned off my phone and the car still thinks that there is a phone in the car. All of the other places I've read about this people are able to name the phone and go into the phone menu and delete the phone. The only thing in my menu are: phone book, received, missed and last calls. I've tried unplugging the Bluetooth under the passenger seat and disconnecting the battery, all to no avail.
2010 Volkswagen CC 40,000 mi,
iPhone 5s refuses to pair with the audio system despite seeing it and entering the correct pair code
2014 Volkswagen CC 45,000 mi,
It is VW Jetta TDI. It says connection not possible. "Find Phone" option is not responding.
2014 Volkswagen CC 5,000 mi,
My wife makes calls from her car all the time for work, and the reason she traded in her old car for the Volkswagen CC was because it seemed (during test drives and calls) to have the best bluetooth capability. A few months after buying the CC the bluetooth is no better than her old car. People on the other end of phone calls state that when she makes or receives calls using her cell phone while it's hooked up to the hands-free bluetooth they hear an echo. They talk to her and then listen to themselves talk to her. It makes for a very uncomfortable phone call. The Volkswagen dealer said that the manufacturer is aware of the problem but don't yet have a solution.
Bluetooth system malfunctions regularly. I have attempted the firmware updates from the dealership but find that unplugging the device under the passenger seat and letting it sit for 30 seconds to a minute then plug back in, resets the system and gets everything back to normal.
2014 Volkswagen CC 29,000 mi,
80% of times i had to connect it manually in order to pair my device. Today it stops working. It says connection not possible. You can't scan, you can't create a new user. Completely disfunctional.
2012 Volkswagen CC 25,202 mi,
Bluetooth keeps losing connection. End call button doesnt work on steering wheel or dash panel period.
2013 Volkswagen CC 32,394 mi,
I have a 2013 Passat TDI but just having the same problem. When it first started it would just lose the connection every once in a while, but now its doing it almost every single day. It'll be in the middle of using it for a phone call or listening to some sort of bluetooth streaming media Exedra and all the sudden it will just drop and say there's no paired phone sound. You try to reconnect it it'll see it, but it will never connect it will say something like Bluetooth connections not possible.
2009 Volkswagen CC 134,000 mi,
About 1 month ago, my bluetooth in my 2009 vlokswagon CC stop staying connected. It will connect for 7 seconds and then disconnect. Then it reconnect after about 10 seconds. This is the pattern. So I reset the system by disconnecting as it stated, but it did not fix the problem. What are the suggestions now?
2010 Volkswagen CC 35,000 mi,
My Bluetooth worked fine when picked up from the dealer but now everyone I call says it echoes or sounds like I have all the windows down.
2010 Volkswagen CC 5,000 mi,
Both wife and my iPhones will not connect automatically at times. Every time I tell the car Bluetooth to find the phone, it fails to connect. Only way I've found that helps is to go into the phones Bluetooth list and re-connect the phone to the car. Sometimes this doesn't work.
2014 Volkswagen CC 41,881 mi,
1st phone book wouldn't work then I stopped for fuel and the phone won't connect
2013 Volkswagen CC 34 mi,
I have a similar problem. Bought a 2013 Jetta GLI brand spanking new two years ago. When I use phone from car, people say that it sounds like there's an echo (all windows rolled up). Dealer refuses to fix. Have never been so disappointed with service in my life.
2010 Volkswagen CC 67,000 mi,
it has never connected to blue tooth from the day I got it at 29000 miles and it says sim card configure error with sims though it works fine in tablet or computer
Phone not showing on display upon start up. Tried reset, nothing. Can't pair with Bluetooth
I can be in the middle of a call on my bluetooth through my car and the car will drop the call mid sentence at random. My phone still has the call on it and I have to wait for the car to reconnect itself. They have a very short list of compatible phones so if you buy one, make sure your phone is on the list! All this technology and they have a list of 20 phones! WHAT?
2012 Volkswagen CC 100,000 mi,
I can call out a name to dial and the voice will come back with a name nothing like what I said
2009 Volkswagen CC 85,000 mi,
Bluetooth does not pick up on iphone nor android, doesn't show up
2009 Volkswagen CC 110,000 mi,
can't connect bluetooth on vw cc 2010 , and bluetooth name is displayed as seat_bt