It rained and I drove through rising water. 2008 Cadillac STS stalled. I tried to start it after I let it dry out and sparks flew. Now it won't start at all. Can you help?

When I get up for work in the morning,my air/heat,turn signals everything electric basically works fine,but once I turn the car off for a sec and restart it nothing works meaning(Air/Heat,Radio,Windows,and turn signals)but if I let it sit for about 3 or 4 hours and then start it everything's back working,and I also disconnected the battery a couple times after nothing worked and reconnected it everything worked fine after,Help please..

The door locks fine with the key fob and opens satisfactorily from the inside.

Hi, my car wouldn't start this morning saying the accessory active mode was on & car wouldn't even turn over. Could this be a battery issue?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Why i dont know

problem with gauges dropping out and picking up randomly then once doors locked would not open for a bit, now gauge showing hot, but engine is not hot, then with restart gauge shows all ok. It appears there is either a computer problem or a neutral or short circuit problem causing this intermittent electrical problem. Any idea where to start the checkout?