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problem with gauges dropping out and picking up randomly then once doors locked would not open for a bit, now gauge showing hot, but engine is not hot, then with restart gauge shows all ok. It appears there is either...
cost to replace catalytic converter
The car made a clicking noise in the vents for a while even after it was shut off. The temp. of the air is fine cold and hot both work, but no air flow thru the defroster vents or the floor vents. Can you tell me wh...
I was informed by the garage that I will need to renew a steering rack module. What would you suggest. Where can I buy the kit? I am from South Africa.
I replaced the battery, starter, push button start everything. Why is it not starting?? It won't even turn over and just clicks. You can't even fuel pump kick on. The radio will play everything will come n on but the ...
Looking to see if I can replace it myself
I'm a newbie with no automotive training but trying to save money but doing simple things myself. thanks.
re signal functions.I can see that the bulb is black. how do I get to the bulb socket to replace it?97229
I am trying to change the oil in my 2008 sts v6 and cannot locate the oil drain plug or the oil filter, the owners manual is no help.
At what point should I get the folowing things done? Rear differential, transmission flushed, fuel induction and Cabin filter?