when brakes applied all lights go out

When i take off,i can feel a vibration but goes away right away.like a 2-3 second vibration.i took it to a mechanic here and first he said center bearing support on drive shaft ,well didnt fix the problem.next he said the front and rear couplers on drive shaft,and that didnt fix it either.now,can someone help me out here please?i dont wanna spend more money on it until i know for sure what it is.thank you

Tire monitor gauge will not shut off.
Previous owner said it is expensive to have it done at the dealership.

And on my instrument panel it states "speed limited to 80" is that a factory setting or the previous owner set it that way and how don't get it removed?

At no given time, my 2006 STS traction control light comes up on dash and car loses use of gas, unable to proceed. I have to pull over and shut engine down.

I've changed the alternator and still rough ride

Car will go in gear after first then just like u took it out of gear and won't move. Shut car off for about a minute then restart and go right back in gear and keeps doing same thing over and over.

It rained and I drove through rising water. 2008 Cadillac STS stalled. I tried to start it after I let it dry out and sparks flew. Now it won't start at all. Can you help?

When I get up for work in the morning,my air/heat,turn signals everything electric basically works fine,but once I turn the car off for a sec and restart it nothing works meaning(Air/Heat,Radio,Windows,and turn signals)but if I let it sit for about 3 or 4 hours and then start it everything's back working,and I also disconnected the battery a couple times after nothing worked and reconnected it everything worked fine after,Help please..

Once the car warms up, it stops but stays on.

This never happened I just started it and the part below the mph gauge turned orange and stayed orange I can hardly read what is shown

The door locks fine with the key fob and opens satisfactorily from the inside.

I have a thud noise that sounds like it's coming from the rear end when shifting from park to drive or park to reverse or when it's downshifting as well sometimes. I have a 2005 Cadillac STS. 6 cylinder. Automatic trans. What do you think it is?

car has set in garage for a week without starting tried to this morning cranks but does not start

While driving down the road, car failed to accelerate.... Then with pedal to the floor, began accelerating.... Once car was shut off and then put back on again, problem was not there but check engine was still on....

I was driving and all of sudden the sound of my stereo turn off but my radio is on just doesny have any sound

Door was working fine up until a week ago felt whatever tension it had on it do as I opened it, and the humming noise sounds like it's coming from the front left tire

I have been having lots of issues with my car. The battery dies overnight just sitting but once it starts back up it runs great. I had the battery tested and its fine. I have not checked the alternator. Lastnight it died and after I got a jump every one of my dummy lights stayed on and the wheel was tight the whole drive home. This morning I wake up to a dead car that won't read my FOBS. I really think its the computer chip in my car. PLEAAASE HELP !

car vibrates when stopped in traffic.

It says engine power reduced p

My 09 sts 3.6 when cruise control is on it feels like the transmission is slipping. .it makes no noise ..could this be the transmission or something else I have 109,000 miles on it

I have my car in the shop now for about a week now they seem to be experiencing issues with cars malfunction. Just soon after display on the screen comes on car shuts off going 45 miles an hour. Is this a computer issue or a relay malfunction.

05 sts 4.6 cranks but wont idle without feathering throttle. throttle body has been replaced with sensors. it is throwing multiple codes, P2637 P0113 P0106 P1137 P1157 P0017 P0019 P0014 P0102 P0122 P0223 P0638 P1101 P0068 P0101 P2108 P0171 P0174 P0113 P0014 P0102 P1101 P0106 it wont idle cold nor hot what is the most likely fix to this issue

I purchased a 2010 STS in Oct,2015. Nice car. But I noticed that when one closed the rear door, either left or right, you get that solid "thump" sound.
But when you close either front doors, there's a different sound in comparison to the rear doors.
The sound of the front doors sounds like a type of rattling noise. Before I bought the car, I checked Car Fax and found out it had been in two accidents.When confronted, the dealership told me that everything was checked thoroughly with the car. I even took the car back during the initial warranty period to see about those doors. Do I need to have the car doors re-aligned and how much would that costs?