Car will go in gear after first then just like u took it out of gear and won't move. Shut car off for about a minute then restart and go right back in gear and keeps doing same thing over and over.

car has set in garage for a week without starting tried to this morning cranks but does not start

when im slowing down and it downshifts it kind of jerks. just had new rims put on. wondering if that has anything to do with it

It will drive smooth like nothing wrong and just shut off then I put it in park it will start back up and drive as if it never happened and the service vehicle soon light will come on not the engine light

New alternator, fully charged battery still won't start. The display showed startup disabled now there is no power what so ever in the car. How do I reset that anti theft system to enable the startup?

The start up is disable. How do I enable the start up?

Help please.

this was a first too not once has the car before turn on check engine or anything. It happen out the blue. The car turned on and then shook. Then it made noise like something blew out or fall off. The car then shutoff completely. The check engine light is on.

My steering wheel does not shake the car just kind of wobbles back and forth

Car has 64,500 Miles on it

Hello, for some reason the Heat on my driver side doesn't work! It blows hot on my passenger side just fine! But only the left drivers vent blows lukewarm and the right vent is ice..I have shit that vent and directed the passenger vent my way. The bigger and my biggest issue is the air blowing at my feet!! It blows colder then ice I still feel it even when wearing thermal boots with 2 pairs of socks on! I've tried directing the heat only to the upper vents or windshield and put the air to recirculate in the vehicle as to not pull the air from outside but it still has a slow steady stream of cold constant air at my feet! oh yea I live around Detroit, MI and it gets well below freezing here for a good portion of the winter. I recently changed jobs and now drive about 45 min one way to work , by the end of the drive I'm afraid of getting frost bite! The problem started last winter I had a water pump failure and swapped it out in the middle of the winter. I replaced the lost coolant at the end of the swap like normal but soon after I realized that my heat had diminished even while and maintaining engine temp! I then did an coolant flush of the cooling system following the guidelines from GM. But still no difference. I've looked at the actuators for the vent under the dash and saw that they were moving when making changes to my A/C selections....I'm baffled and freezing please help!