2000 Cadillac Seville STS Questions

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Radio swap. 2002 sls to a 2000 sts

I towed car yesterday. Light was not on before I towed it. The front tire spinned when placed on dolly. Could this have caused the light to come on?

If I were to replace only the springs, which brand would raise my back end to original hight. Is there a lift kit available so that the rear sits a bit above the front?

This started after the rear window was broken and replaced

lost my key had a locksmith replace it. don't think it was programmed right several attempts before car starting

power door locks stop working and interior lights were is the relay and fuses is the rear fuse box and front box the only ones

When I park my truck at night battery will not have enough juice to start in the morning

Car runs great mechanically but the back half of my inside lights don't work including the dome lights and sunroof Car also shifts smoothly into reverse but no lights except for the brake and running lights

over heats.when my radiator blew the car would not over heat.whats wrong with the car?

The rest of the trunk is wet also. We ran water over tail lights etc. No water leaks. The gaskets look good. Can water leak in through the vents on the side/inside the trunk?? Any suggestions???

1. Electric windows stopped working
2. Electric door locks work only with keyfob
3. Automatic headlights stopped working but you can turn them on/off w/switch
I need to trace these systems. I can't make them out in my chiltons manual prints way to small.

when the weather is 20 degrees or below the car runs fine no problem in winter.

car will run fine for a while the slips like fluid is not moving