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we also see a message on dash to shut down car immediately. Or if the fans are not running wear they get there power supply and is there an inline fuse or something?
replaced radiator new upper lower hoses and thermostat over a year ago new water pump about 6 or 8 months ago , ive done all the checks i can do .. checking hose clamps and so on still cant see a outer leak no visib...
failed Nox test for smog possible EGR valve i want to replace but been told it might be a vacum leak ... any suggestions wher i might start
So my brake lights stay on when my headlights are on, when Im not using the headlights they are off and work normal. Could this maybe be my brake light switch?
i am needing to know how to change my spark plugs and wires to my car
With wsitch off it shows 12 volts from fuse to end of connector. It runs backward if connector is turned over.
Where is it located?? Thanks
I replaced coolant cross over gaskets and water pump gaskets and seal and every time it runs and starts to build pressure it starts leaking
my mechanic said the sensor in trans is internal and he does not do this the oxygen sensor also needs to be replaced how expensive is thks type of repair
My front pass.side break is staying on all the time
The break is locking up front passenger side
the wire harness connectors have been cut off, and I have a JVC that I want to Installl. There are alot of wires which ones (COLORS)are the speakers,Batt,Ignition, Ant, Illumination
The brake light stays on when car is started. The trunk light goes off and comes on when the brake is pressed. The bulbs are working. I don't know if they are supposed to stay on or go off like the trunk light goes of...
I have a 1990 cadillac seville. It has been missfiring on me and it backfires and looses power sometimes. The service engine light comes on and goes off. I changed the distributor cap rotor button and plugs and it sti...
It runs a lot better on the open road but when in stop and go traffic the coolant indicator will sometime exceed 230 degrees depending on how long I have to wait in traffic or at a traffic light. I have replaced the ...
When the headlights are on and the brake pedal is pressed, the two tail lights on the body on driver's side go off and the light on the trunk lid (same side) goes bright. On the passenger's side, the light on the tru...
Why does it blow cold on passenger side but not drivers
Service engine light came on - had codes cleared (map sensor) - car doesn't start at all - tightened battery cables - car started then didn't start - what next?
The A/C works fine except that it now blows black greasy foam out of the vents everytime it is in use. What causes this and is it worth fixing?
i have a recently purchased '02 sevelle that will only blow hot air regardless of my settings. no ac at all. any ideas?
The heater fan works but does not blow hot air when the heater is on. Warmer air does seem to seep into the cabin.
Passive struts were installed on the seville. How do I stop the warnig light from coming on?
Have changed plugs and wires. Plugs driver side running rich.