When you turn on the switch it moves just under the empty snd the car read tha it's very low in fuel

The coolant is getting into the exhaust because I can smell it in the exahust.

Car idles for bout maybe 30 secs to a min then dies and dies when I give gas or change gears

We re did. Harness an everyth

Fluid fairly debris free but slightly burnt smell? Dark red color. Just changed 30000 ago. 101000 tot. Mls. Whine/grind, comes and goes with performance. What now!!?? 2wks?? Of symptoms

Cranks no start up it will if put gas under the breathed then it start up for few seconds

This part might control the A/C to blow out the dash vents under the passenger side off to the right of the fuse panel.It;s electric and has vacuum lines to it I think.

Some times it may kick in but mostly not. How can i fix this..

Leaks power steering fluid

Vehicle will start then dies after 1 minute approx. Fuel Pressure is 40#, have replaced injectors all 8, changed fuel filter. Acts like it is starving out. It has 4.9 Liter motor

Do I need a new transmission or could be less expensive
It only has 102,000 miles and has never been treated ruff. Or driven hard.
Please help me save my car on a very low budget lol
Thank you Michael
Please give me hope

It shifts fine in all other gears. It only has 102,000 miles on it.
Do I need a new transmission or could it be a smaller less expensive part?

emergency flashers work fine.

we also see a message on dash to shut down car immediately. Or if the fans are not running wear they get there power supply and is there an inline fuse or something?

replaced radiator new upper lower hoses and thermostat over a year ago new water pump about 6 or 8 months ago , ive done all the checks i can do .. checking hose clamps and so on still cant see a outer leak no visible sings of water in the oil car only has 84,000 mile on it never been driven hard or abused IM AT A LOSS

failed Nox test for smog possible EGR valve i want to replace but been told it might be a vacum leak ... any suggestions wher i might start

So my brake lights stay on when my headlights are on, when Im not using the headlights they are off and work normal. Could this maybe be my brake light switch?

i am needing to know how to change my spark plugs and wires to my car

With wsitch off it shows 12 volts from fuse to end of connector. It runs backward if connector is turned over.