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replaced radiator new upper lower hoses and thermostat over a year ago new water pump about 6 or 8 months ago , ive done all the checks i can do .. checking hose clamps and so on still cant see a outer leak no visib...
failed Nox test for smog possible EGR valve i want to replace but been told it might be a vacum leak ... any suggestions wher i might start
I checked the fuse to the brake lights and it is fine. Im thinking it may be the brake light switch on the brake pedal but i have no idea if the strip at the top is connected to that too.
after about 5 mins of driving it heats to around 250 degrees! What could it be?
At first, my a/c works for only a minute then the heater comes on. I have replaced the compressor, the temperature guage and some other things. It seems like there is a short in the wiring but I don't have the diagram...
car started to run as if missing and upon oping the hood my pos battery post was melted, what would cause this?.
1992 cadillac seville 4.9 litre engine base model Where is the PCM located on this year vehicle?
my car recently after i drive it for 5 to 10 blocks start over heating
the drive pulley on my water pump is froze up and i dont know how to get it off to replace it there is no bolt in the pulley only a threaded hole
Follow-up: Defrost fan not radiator fan running after engine is off. Had to disconnect battery to get fan to stop. What's up?
Engine fan is running despite car turned off. Car not overheated. Is this normal?
view engine water pump,where is it located?
infomation center says thift device activied wait 3 mins still no start
Hi, At first my car was hard to start, had to move the steering column up and down to get it to work. Now I can't turn the car off, even if I disconnect both battery terminals. Any ideas? Thank you.