Cranks no start up it will if put gas under the breathed then it start up for few seconds

This part might control the A/C to blow out the dash vents under the passenger side off to the right of the fuse panel.It;s electric and has vacuum lines to it I think.

Leaks power steering fluid

I have a 1990 cadillac seville. It has been missfiring on me and it backfires and looses power sometimes. The service engine light comes on and goes off. I changed the distributor cap rotor button and plugs and it still does it. I turn the car off and start it again and it runs better. The other day it backfired and was losing power i cut it off and started it again and it backfired real loud and it blew my muffler apart at the seams. I changed the muffler and its still missfires and the light still comes on and goes off. When i barely hit the gas and go under 40 is when its missing and jerking when i step on the gas and it opens up it doesnt jerk. Does anyone know what it could be

Service engine light came on - had codes cleared (map sensor) - car doesn't start at all - tightened battery cables - car started then didn't start - what next?


Car won't start and the above message shows on computer

it happens eveytime u try to start it

Starter disabled due to theft system, wait 3 min, 2 min, 1 min, start car. But it won't start and the computer repeats the message. What is causing this and what is the cheapest/fastest solution?

Is it difficult to change a transmission modulator?

my headlights on my g20 chevy van went out i thought it was the bulbs so i bought new ones but it didnt work some tell me its the pull switch that turns them on others tell me its the dimmer switch i need to know which is it

I've been told this model vehicle has had problems with the computer system and I should probably sell it, or it could turn into a money pit. Any thoughts on this ?

My 1990 cadillac Seville will miss and backfire causing my muffler to blowout.i have have changed dist. and cap,dist.plugs,wires and coil.