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I have a 1990 cadillac seville. It has been missfiring on me and it backfires and looses power sometimes. The service engine light comes on and goes off. I changed the distributor cap rotor button and plugs and it sti...
Service engine light came on - had codes cleared (map sensor) - car doesn't start at all - tightened battery cables - car started then didn't start - what next?
Car won't start and the above message shows on computer
it happens eveytime u try to start it
Starter disabled due to theft system, wait 3 min, 2 min, 1 min, start car. But it won't start and the computer repeats the message. What is causing this and what is the cheapest/fastest solution?
Is it difficult to change a transmission modulator?
my headlights on my g20 chevy van went out i thought it was the bulbs so i bought new ones but it didnt work some tell me its the pull switch that turns them on others tell me its the dimmer switch i need to know whic...
I've been told this model vehicle has had problems with the computer system and I should probably sell it, or it could turn into a money pit. Any thoughts on this ?
My 1990 cadillac Seville will miss and backfire causing my muffler to blowout.i have have changed dist. and cap,dist.plugs,wires and coil.
My neighbor has a 1986 chevy cadillac seville 4.1 liter leaking water from around the timimg chain cover area. He recently replaced the water pump, and does not believe that it is leaking from the water pump.
what is the size of the motor
Head light dimmer switch no good. Where can I find one?