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went to start car and every thing comes on but starter is not getting power
My compressor was not coming on by itself and i wanted to hard wire it to the back of the electronic climate control. I used a test light to see which wire had power. When I found the wire, my test light slipped and i...
it would turn over to crank it my feet on the gas but kill when i let off i had it park for 3 months with no gas in it
Car lost 100% battery charge just overnight. First time this ever happened. Please help to find step by step visual instruction and sizes & type of tools needed. Thank you.
Can not find a 710 cap at any stores.
My car is a 1991 Cadilac Brougham. The system won't include this model in the list of choices.
so my car turns on but turns off right away. i know is somewhat of a vacuum leak because the car chokes. the scanner gave me code 34 map sensor signal out of range/low. i already replaced the map sensor, egr valve, id...
My a/c is cold when the vehicle is moving or engine is reved but is a little warm at idle. Just want to add a can of freon.
car hasn't been driven & sitting up for about 1 1/2yrs, and i can't get it to start. The engine is cranking up but it just won't turn over & start. I'm pretty sure that it's getting spark. And when i took off gas cap ...
pulled up to store shut car off and came back out and no pwer steering the fluid levels fine and no leaks anywhere
location of vehicle speed sensor
Everything passed except failed smog no's too high
i cannot rest time on radio
Air springs are not working correctly and probably need to be replaced.