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Where can I find info on installing new seals, etc to the engine oil cooler by the oil filter? Pics, diagrams, instructions... It has the 350 engine. Thank you!
went to start car and every thing comes on but starter is not getting power
I would like to know what I need to do in order to fix this problem as its getting warmer and it keeps draining my battery. I'm not a car guy but if told what to do I can figure it out. Any help would be greatly appre...
Put a battery in my 1981 fleetwood it touched something an now nothing works it has a6.0 engine
alls while idling or when put in reverse or drive.there are no codes,timing is fine.have also cleaned throttle body
I have a 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. When the weather is cold and I turn the heater temperature up to 80-90 F, to warm up the passenger compartment, the blower blows only cold air inside the car at the feet. The...
Need an intake manifold, OEM part is obsolete, unable to locate NOS or aftermarket part and salvage yards report nothing local. Found some through, all out of state & prices vary wildly. Called a fe...
would a leaky rear wheel axle cause it to not start,when i changed tires i saw that problem
its always started,like i said put new tires on and no start
My compressor was not coming on by itself and i wanted to hard wire it to the back of the electronic climate control. I used a test light to see which wire had power. When I found the wire, my test light slipped and i...
as i understand the car will not idle in close loop mode, when its in open loop mode it runs but not good. it will run for a couple of seconds in close loop and the engine will oscillate high and low 2 or 3 times th...
My 92 Broughan's heater and A/C fans (interior) won't come on -- The A/C compressor is locked up -- Would this cause the condition when using the AUTO temp control?
I've been looking for quite a while now for the radiator drain plug. I can't seem to find it. I need to drain and flush my coolant, and put new coolant in. Any ideas?
I had to take the fuse out because the fan wouldn't turn off, but the ac won't work at all.
it would turn over to crank it my feet on the gas but kill when i let off i had it park for 3 months with no gas in it