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I've had this problem about 4 years ago,I turned the vehicle off and started it back up just fine... I've tried it this time & the rpm still won't change
it only does it after it gets drove a little and it loses power and goes all to crap.
I'm having what I think is an electrical problem. All of a sudden all lights are the dash are on, radio won't work, a/c won't work, drivers side window worked for a little, now not at all and no other windows work, i...
ing. Radio turns off and on. Replace battery, checked ground wires, any idea why this is happening?
We have read manual but no troubleshooting is available.
My truck would would shut down. It is like someone disconnected the battery cables. The dealer installed new cables and the the dash lights flash on and off with killing the engine.
how do i remove the old headlight so i can replace with a new one
The audio system quit until i turned off the igition for 30 minutes. The rear window goes down by itself. The electic running boards quit misteriously but start up after I turn off the igition. The doors will not o...
I have tried jump packs, cables and chargers and still cant car to jump, I can put on a jump pack all lights come on, and components, when I go to turn it over it just clicks