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ive crawled up and down the frame rail on driver side and cant locate the fuel filter. is it a tank filter?

Why does it always freeze in the winter

blower worked last fall on high. now i get nothing

Need to know if the gauge is for my oil or engine temperture

The truck is making a hissing sound or squealing other the hood. Especially when it is cold.

Who much weight can it tow?

to go home put the key in the ignition to start but the car would not crank. had someone give me a jump, it did nothing, after sitting about 1 hour waiting for a tow. It crank right up and I was able to get home however once home, it did not start again and now is dead from during key resetting procedure only had the vehicle 2 months , has never happen before.

1st. Time this ever happend. Had truck for 2mths. Today it just happend. Im at a family funeral. What could b the problem?

The security light comes on but doesnt flash and it will start but then cut off how can i get it started

The front seats will not move backward or forward and the heat control for the front seats won't turn on to heat seats.

I hit a deer and week ago and the truck of course started running funny. I took it to the shop and was told it needed a radiator, transmission line. After that was the done the truck started stalling once I get up to 30 MPh it's goes into gears but it stalls once it gets to the 3 on the rpm on the dash. I never had issues with my truck before the accident is this a sign of my transmission going bad after Mr hitting a deer????? I spoke with another shop member and they are saying they don't it's the transmission I even got a transmission strainer put on and it's still stalls what can it possible be

can't find a switch to release the window the hatch unlocks with the doors

it is a 2002, I don't care if I loose a shock option I just want a cheep fix on my front shocks

wouldnt start for wife, changed starter , changed battery , now blows 40 ignition fuse when key is turned for starting

When in park i strp on gas pedal and rpm go up but when driving down the street it stalls,iput it back in park and smach gas and rpm go up

daytime running light sensor location?

An come motor sounds funny

Stops when I let off the gas, took it tot the local shop they had it almost 3 weeks, rebuilt the whole front diff drove it for a day and a faint whinning sound came back so they took it back 3 weeks later they put the new shim kit and bearings in and same damn thing. HELP ME PLEASE

Vehicle idles low its worse when running heat or air and definitely worse when running the back heat and air car idles low and dies when braking or stopped

I have power at both fuses, a new sensor installed, and no power to the plug, I've checked the harness up to where it goes into the heavy duty loom in the door jam, should I keep checking the harness if I can get it apart or check something else.

These two flash in dash

Looks like a cart...what does it mean?

Car immediately developed steering problems. VERY front end heavy and hard to steer.

All my dash/alert lights came on while driving the other day. Basically speedometer and all vehicle gauges didn't work but then proceeded to reset itself back to normal....then off and on again until I arrived home to park. The next day I went to start my vehicle but it would not turn over.....instead it set the alarm off. Key fob does not register to the vehicle as there is zero power. Battery is fine. Took it in for diagnostics and mechanic is telling me that their is a faulty module that needs replacement. There are many modules apparently and he does not know which one it is until he can test each one individually which in turn is costing me money for the time he is taking in order to do this. What I'm interested in knowing is if hooking it up to the electronic monitor would detect the fault module in advance or is this a manual process of figuring this out one by one? Also if this is true that if one module goes bad, it shuts all off.

Some say I have to reset my bcm. And some say that it might be disscontected but have no idea where to start.

The 3 colored lights come on BUT NO BEEP . . . so I don't know if this model is suppose to 'beep' ???

Display works fine

Started making buzzing sound when a I shifted into reverse or drive . Now the latch will not open and I cannot use the trunk area.

the vehicle turns on but then shuts off and the instrument panel it's not working what could it be

Is it the electric panel, other things are off too, the battery registered dry or perfect, others are not lighting up either, but mostly worried about the overheating, new radiator 6/2015 problem just started 3 days ago, i'll turn off car restart later and it's fine, shows thermostat in middle.