These two flash in dash

Looks like a cart...what does it mean?

Started making buzzing sound when a I shifted into reverse or drive . Now the latch will not open and I cannot use the trunk area.

the vehicle turns on but then shuts off and the instrument panel it's not working what could it be

front blower and a/c - heat work fine , unless I turn the blower on hi then it sounds like a helo.. no blower air comes out of the rear vents. any ideas?
thanks matt3

I need it to work in order to set my new keyless remote. Any suggestions?

as the weather gets colder when i have the heat on, the vehicle can be 75 degrees inside but whenever i make a turn it feels as though I have my windows open and the outside air just somes shooting through. did it all last winter. no fun

between 40-70 mph and accelerate

Rub!!!!As though you're going over rough terrain!!!!!