the front climate controls, cd player, reverse tilt programming, and the lights on the settings control panel all stopped working at the same time. what would cause that?

parked it over night working fine the day before also when I turned the key the first time on the morning it happen could smell like burnt wire or fuse?

Wiper blades does not work that heating and air system does not work battery light stays on

2002 Cadi Escalade 244,000 miles. Owned since new. Excellent shape, routine maintenance done religiously. Has been running great...still is. Came home today and something smelled like it was burning in the engine compartment driver side. There was no smoke and nothing looks burned or melted. All gauges read Normal. The panel (exterior) driver side was Very Hot to touch. And so was a black box inside the compartment that is labeled Electrical Center which sits next to the battery...which was not hot. Any ideas what might be going on?

just started overheating, mostly sits in garage. just recently noticed hole in muffler, plus brakes are going all the way to the floor, and leak in the power steering.

Car will turn on. But I cannot turn steering wheel left or right. It appears to be stuck. Brakes go all the way down to floor


loos like the accesories in the swich stays onall the time

Warning light suggest air ride need service. Is it the compressor, shocks or leak in line. How can I test the system?

I see that it has 2 screws in the back of the switch assy, but can't tell how it snaps in place at the front of the switch. Is there a metal clip that holds it in place, like with the switch bezel?

when I am driving and I get up to 55-60 Mph. I can hear a very loud noise coming from underneath my truck in the front, at first I thought that the highway was riding ruff. but when I slow down to 40-45 it stops.seems like the faster I drive the louder it gets,Can anyone PLEASE tell me what can be going on.