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After it shuts off I spray starting fluid and it starts right up
When I try to put windows up they dont work, after a few hours I can go out and they work fine. My radio is doing same thing it works a while then quits, if radio is on and I put windows down they both quit working
any ideas instead of a dealership ad pay a ton of money for a door handle
Radio works when it wants and the wipers and windows only occasionally. sometimes when I disconnect the battery and then reconnect it, they might work. I've had all the fuses replaced. I have the escalade 4x4 SUV.
I was told the suspension being out my car also feels real squirly to drive.
This all started about 3 weeks ago after my mechanic replaced all rusted brake lines. The brakes where bled at each wheeel. At the end of the job I tried to back out the truck from the garage the rears seemed locked....
have had ignition module replaced. Nothing happens. won't even jumpstart.