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My road is bumpy and the car seems to bounce a lot, sometimes sounds squeeky
can run for miles with no issues than it starts with bell ringing notifying me that parking assistance is off, ABS messages, stabilitrak not working, traction control on engine light on, transmission shifts poorly tha...
We had to replace 3 fuel pump and 3 relay fuses which we bought from auto zone. Just out of the blue our car won't start. Please help us.
Where is location Evaporator accumulator dryer ?
the car will not start. I checked the fuel pressure and there is none.
I got my dts at 79000 miles n had the Oil n filter changed twice.its my daily driver n I'm at 90000 miles now n I'm wondering what maintenance should I have done on it?
It just dissent feel like that cadillac that just floats n turns smooth feel me?please tell me what I need to do to fix my caddy
My cv started goin out now I think it's messin with the power steering
I also feel like it drives different I don't know if its me it is my car not have caddy bills no more .somebody please help?i love my dts
Also how do I program my seat n mirrors?
What I want to know if its bout that time to flush the power steering fluids ?