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My road is bumpy and the car seems to bounce a lot, sometimes sounds squeeky
trans grabs or slightly jerks when cold. afterwards from start when warmed up, it shifts ok.
can run for miles with no issues than it starts with bell ringing notifying me that parking assistance is off, ABS messages, stabilitrak not working, traction control on engine light on, transmission shifts poorly tha...
The car has a hesitation when car idles and then stops.
And the brakes is to tight and i can not drive cause there is no brakes so what cause the noises in the manafor and why it keeps shutting off and its going to high on the rpms is going to high when i start it up
Tried to start, i.e., ran for a few seconds, and then shut down. Trying to retstart, engine just keeps turning over. Mechanic replace cellinoid, and cranked. Now will not crank except for yesterday. Sat in Sun all ...
Dealer said to replaced requires that bumber and grill be removed at cost of $220.00. is this correct.
However, out of the blue the engine has started overheating, with very little change, if any at speed. Also, electric fans are operating, coolant levels appear to be where they should be and no visible signs of le...
We had to replace 3 fuel pump and 3 relay fuses which we bought from auto zone. Just out of the blue our car won't start. Please help us.