75k miles on it started to happen less than 300miles ago but upset with figuring it out but curious if anybody had come across this issue

Had wheels of ground bleeding pump turned wheel left to right

When i turn the heat on, cold air comes out on the passenger side, i would like to know why does that happen.if something need to be replace how much will a job like that cost, so what will need to be done, can you explain that to me please.thank you.

My windshield wipers and washers do not work. All fuses and relays appear good. Any ideas where to look, BCM maybe?

Purchased vehicle yesterday. Driving home today, i noticed weak pedal and service traction light on, also brake light on. I put in brake fluid, pumped brakes. Backed up and noticed brake fluid on ground. Passenger side front.

almost feels like transmission, not getting any error codes. can up shift at start off seems to help some.

Relay & fuel pump fuse location

I took it to the shop and had diagnostic test done the said the computer was bad. It will run fine for a few hours sometimes days but the out of no where it starts putting, smoking and will barely go. Also the check engine light comes on,the service traction control light comes on and a couple others. Has ANYONE HAD THIS PROBLEM?? IF U CAN HELP ME OUT IN ANY WAY I WOULD APPRECIATE IT. reach me on here or .. The shop I took it to had the car for months and said they couldn't find a computer for the car. Im not sure exactly what the part is called or cost they just said the computer was bad. ANY HELP OR ADVICE WOULD BE CONSIDERED!

What can cause that,i just brought new rotors and breaks

This is very disconcerting to have that awful alarm go off, especially with passengers. Message also appears saying "stop engine." Oil is NEVER down when this happens, almost daily.

this is after vehicle had a 0420 code . this vehicle has had 3 cat. converters