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a grounding problem, how do I detect the faulty ground?
But as it warms up it slowly gets quiet n you can barely here it unroll you give it gas and Idk what the problem could be an I'd like to know the main cause because I don't wanna sink a lot of money into it...thanks.
I have 03 caddy dts with mis fire on number 6 I changed cam sensor and coil pack still saying misfire running ruff
I have a 2003 Cadillac dts an d ithink transmissio n fluid is mixing with my antifreeze what could be wrong
Coolant is muddy looking
While goin 10 or 15 miles an hour from left wheel
All quit working. Speedometer and Tach would come back on. But now they won't work at all. The turn signals won't work at all. Has any body else has had this problem.
Hello, Only the drivers side low beam is out the passenger side works fine. I changed the bulbs and don't see any blown fuses. Any ideas on what the problem could be? Thanks