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i just got the water pump and thermostat replaced, im losing a lot of coolant and have to keep refilling the radiator with coolant. my car is still overheating the temp gets up to 260 which is incredibly bad and i don...
Sometimes they come on and stay on. until I turn them off. Running lights work, brake lights and turn signal work
I have a 98 Cadillac Deville with a Northstar motor. It has been running hot. I changed the thermostat, and water pump but it is still running hot. My check engine light is on and these are the codes diagnostic tool r...
no gastank gauge, no heater air or defroster all lights out
I don't even know where the waterpump is, thinking about changing that.
now it is stuck shut. I checked the switch, the module and still will not work.
when i turn on the headlights without the car running the light flicker dash lights included
Can i change this part-- Can you show me where it is located
change the temperature settings 65 to 90 degrees it starts making a crackling noise like the vents are getting stuck.
I was noticing that every 2 or 3 days my battery would be dead upon startup. I would jump it off and car would drive as normal. I then did the meter test and found that the RSS (road sensing suspension) fuse in the t...
I just had my transmission rebuilt, it is front wheel drive. I was looking on computer and found that on front of motor by starter is a I think BCM ground could that need a cleaning or make sure its tight be an issue....
Car has shut down on me when coming to a stop, It has a miss, and at times runs a little ruff. Has all the power when needed. It went from 14 mile to the gallon, to 5 miles to the gallon. Fuel filter replace, and fu...
It still won't do anything no dash lights no radio only interior lights and head lights car won't do anything
My dash info and lights went on and finallythe dash lights went out. When I shut the motor of it won't crank at all.Is this an indication of a bad battery or an alternator problem?
on a/c the air on left side cold air on rt side warm
I changed the break booster and the break box where lines ore divided and still no luck
I have recently noticed the ride quality being stiffer and I feel the road more.....even though I hear the air pump for the level ride come on and turn off after starting the there a sensor that needs replac...
It happens when you drive it but not all the time, ac stops,radio,gages everything goes dead but it will come back on we think it is a computer but we do not know which one it is I hope you can tell us. thanks
Just bought the car and it over heated driving 50 miles home. I assume it is the northstar head gasket issue discussed here.