Would like to know is it worth fixing I mean she still runs Good

I don't know what to do

How can I unplug, or disconnect the "check he coolant level" sensor?

Everything checks out OK but it still shows.

and a part store has told me that my pcm is failing. also that I had 30 codes. and it was too many to print out. on another check p1860 andp0741 was present. please help.

I had a obm test and I was told there were 30 codes


I'm from UK, Berkshire.Can I arrange to receive it in there?
In one piece, of course.

in the same time , the central panel passenger side and passenger door side gives hot air.
I've checked the actuator for hot air intake from the driver's side, near the accelerator pedal , and it was working but only with an external dc power source.with his wire conector doesn't.the connector does not supply any power ( I'd checked with a lamp). what is this?

No heat blowing out at all.