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I pulled my intake manifold and it was full of oil
It started with the engine temp gauge saying hot. engine was not hot. gauge still stuck there, now gas gauge stuck on full. speedometer not accurate will stay on 49 for a long time even if going faster. Any ideas wha...
Help help SOS!!!!! SECURITY SHUT DOWN ALL FUEL SUPPLY HOW DO I FIX IT 2001 Cadillac deville DTS!!!!
It had been working on and off, sometimes the seat would move, other times it wouldn't. Seat moves forward and backwards and shoulder strap adjuster moves up and down. Someone told me to cycle it through a full recl...
The air conditioner ot working and I can't see the gauge
while driving down highway engine started bucking and when checked, the tranny pan was dry. new synthetic was added but won't go into drive.
Fuel pump will run at all times even with key off. Security light on dash will also illuminate when key is in the on position.
took it to the caddy dealership and to fix this is around 1100 dollars.
abs brake and traction control light are always on garage wants to charge 3000 dollars is this expensive ? also cold air does not come to the back only to front vents back vents get hot air when front air is on
THere are 14 different codes show up,i recently had heater cord fix water on floor could that cause the ecm to go out?????
I am fairly knowledgeable about automobiles. anyway, wondering how you would stack up the most likely causes of this error code that I think comes and goes and seems to occur when I put the pedal to the metal. Th...
the battery light is on and it say charging sysem problem what could that be?