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car drives very rough
the service engine light was on so i took it there and it is shifting hard other than that its running fine. Do I have to buy a new brand new pcm and can this have anything to do with the tcc code and why its shifting...
I am thinking of buying a Cadillac 2005 Deville Sedan. It is perfect in town, but on the highway at 65 to 75 it shimmies constantly. Should I buy thid car? What would it take to repair it?
I also have my check coolant level cash warning comes on and then goes right off
All of the sudden my service air bag light is on. Does anyone think it could be related to ignition recall. My car has not been in a accident. I'm taking it to shop . But should I spend all that money to have repair...
The maintenance log says change at 50,000 & 100,000 miles but the book says wait until the warning indicater shows.
Cold air on driver side, hot air on passenger side, all controls set to cool in normal operation