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And dadhboatd vents no air flow but vents in back seat work. Help

Its not bose so how can i properly do that

Added 134 and it full /and next problem what
Is the problems with tire monitor and door regulators 3 Windows just fell down watch videos and fixed but Windows will not work
Is the black box the problem.thank for you input

Do not see how it comes off. Has star bit bottom and some strange thing on the other side

It has the 100k fluid.

Now transmission is eratic again plus a/c is acting up plus I have po502 and po503 now. It ran good for a week. The a/c blows hot out.of the drivers side and the transmission completely gives up and slips into neutral while you have it in drive. The outside temp. Seem to have something to do with it. In the morning when it's cool at 80 it works fine. When it gets hot 105 to 110 the transmission starts acting up. The a/c blows hot out of drivers two vents all the time.

I need to know which coil pack for my 2005 Cadillac Deville North Star 8 Cylinders

Started fine, then the radio shut off and the battery, airbag, stability control, and abs warning lights lit up. The gauges are lit but don't show levels, (fuel, temp.). Only the speedo and odometer work. The radio still works if you turn it back on. The car has 59,000 miles, has never seen snow, and no history of damage.

You need to have a recall on this problem. Cadillac needs to be aware that there are into the thousands of customers with this same issue. Please stand behind this problem, or you are going to loose customers.

Key is stuck in ignition of my 2005 cadillac deville

and it is still getting hot. What could be the problem?

Water is staying cool near thermostat and is red hot at the top of the engine

After car warms up, hot water is not flowing thru thermostat. The hose near thermostat stays cool while top hose is red hot.