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Code po174
Ive done the key learn procedure to get rid of the VATS in the dash. The new key works however i still cannot take my car out and go faster than 30mph. any ideas?
The sunroof will not work. It was working but then would not close. I removed the battery cable still would not close. Then after a few days it closed but now it will not operate at all. I tried both switches open...
The power steering works fine when driving but when slowing down to park or when sitting still at idle it is very difficult. I had the fluid flushed and am thinking the power steering pump needs to be replaced?
now it is stuck shut. I checked the switch, the module and still will not work.
when i turn on the headlights without the car running the light flicker dash lights included
Can i change this part-- Can you show me where it is located
possible vacuum leak mean? What is ballpark cost of repairing all?
There's a bracket blocking my path to the transmission
Problem started after driving for several hours in the rain. The fuse was good and I can adjust the wiper blade speed ok but cannot turn off wiper blades completely for the fiery time ever.