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I was on the freeway and my dashboard went haywire I pulled over and turnd off and now it wont start back up please help me
My caddy was runnin good and out of the blue my dash went haywire I pulled over turnt the car off and it wont start back up hellllp
makes a humming sound when I turn left at slow speeds
Engine shakes, running on 7 . Not 8. Codes reading po446. Po101. Do you think I need front coil ignition ?
when you accelerate big puff smoke then it clears up for a few seconds then another big puff of smoke I put a compression test all cylinders the same, sounds like it's relieving pressure, motor runs fine does not miss...
jus did oil change and new filter n changed oil sending unit.cuz he leaked oil a bit
I recently paid to have my 2003 Cadillac DeVille diagnosed and the mechanic came back the car needing a intake Plenum Coupling and an EGR valve. I am mechanically inclined and just replaced both. The car does run bett...
Also stops route running and need a jump sometimes