2002 Cadillac DeVille Questions

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And it literally drinking the gas I put 5 gals in it and just pressing the gas peddle a little it runs out of gas in no time flat ..plz HELP

Can a Cadillac dealership repair?

What is an estimate of cost?

it acts like its going to die and goes down to 200rpms I checked oil and all the fluids

Heater starts when dash
over glove box is hit!

Possible Heater core? How do I narrow down cause? This is constant doesn't change.

check next and how?

What could be causing my vehicle Cadillac Deville 2002 to be leaking air. From the area where the Mass Air flow sensor, connecte to the engine block. Are there any hoses I should be considered about. How can this issue be solved.

The radio will not power on or off and the clock blinks continually.
The check stability come on daily.

P0443-evap system purge control valve "A" circuit. I would also like to know where this part is located on the vehicle.

window motor is in tact
- if you can direct me to any affordable shops that you may know of that would be great.
- surrounding areas : Riverside
San Diego