Still nothing is there a dyi video cuz I you tube and could not find the answer had the car for 3 yrs now first time this happen can you guys help? Thanks A lot for your time in advance

The car window comes down but it doesn't want to come back up

When my Cadillac gets 43 miles per hour it starts to run rough it loses power and its really sluggish I just had a new throttle positioning sensor put in and you EG R valve put in a new fuel pressure regulator put in a new fuel pump assembly and new fuel filter and a new catalytic converter why does my car start running rough when it hits 43 miles per hour

I just had a new throttle positioning sensor and new EGR valve and new fuel pressure regulator and new catalytic converter and new fuel pump assembly and a new fuel filter put on my 91 Cadillac DeVille but as soon as it hits 43 miles per hour it starts to run rough and shake a bit it's got no acceleration and very sluggish and it's using a lot of gas

Ignition switch wire colors and locations

Tried the key in door, nothing. Should & how do I reset the Security on car ? Car has done this twice before & after replacing starter relay was fine but now nothing, still won't start

When I try to start it I have to have my foot on the gas peddle or else it just cuts out. But once it is started it drives and stops fine without cutting out. What do you think the problem could be?

I have a DHS which is not listed in your options.
Air bag light and message on DIC center reporting check air bag, very intermittent.

No air flows in front dash or defrost but it is ok in the back..When driving what air that comes in through the vents does heat up or is cool..Could this be the resistor motor?

While at stop sign lost air blowing through vents came on a couple of days later then nothing..But I do have hot & cool air when driving down the road..

No air coming through the vents could it be the fuses, filters resistor or blower motor?

I took it to to the repair shop. They pressure tested the cooling system. Found thermostat Gasket housing was leaking they replaced the thermostat and gasket. Filled system with proper amount of coolant to -35.bled air from system. That same day it over heated again brought it back they checked it and said it needed a new head gasket. Cost to repair would be 3,000 dollars so I tried Bar's Head gasket and cooling sealant in march it worked until October 17th. It overheated again I was About a mile from home it was steaming and I still drove it home. I talked to someone from Bar's company ask if I could use the head gasket sealer again they said I need to drain and flush the system real good and Then I could use it again and it might work again. How do I drain and flush the system? Any advice you can give me would be nice.