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I changed spark plugs fuel filter but still no power going up hills and still get these codes.also changed mafs what could be the problem
Cirtcuit malfunction if I remove the keys from the ignition then reinstall them and start the car two times. If I clear the code, then If I don't remove the keys, just shut the car off, then restart it, no codes come ...
when windshield wipers are turned on, you can not turn them off until you turn the car off. They then turn off and stay off until you turn them on again. What could the problem be and what is the cost to repair?
Fuel and temperature gage works erotic
have replaced fuel filter, and rear coil pack due to p0304 and p0308 codes. coolant is full, car will lose power at throttle up, will barely move up hill. seems to be ok in reverse. doesn't make a difference in any fo...
we have a 2001 cad Deville, we were driving down hwy, going 60 mph then suddenly we have no horsepower. We can only get to 30mph. The next day, it started out fine for first mile, then same thing, no power.
radio plays but no lights service engine light is staying on
no dash lights trunk and gas don`t work car runs rough engine light is on allfuses and relays are good what can i do?
the car is indicating that it is in drive but it is in parked. when I turn the key I get nothing.Somebody please help me.
The mode Sw. changes but the air flow is very week except the floor and the defrost.