When I depress the brake it wasn't responding, checked the lines at the wheel, no flow of fluid

It seems to run out at hire speeds what can be the problem

Electronic Fuel gauge dosen't work and My car vibrates at high speeds

replaced fuel delivery assembly

But low battery light is coming on.
Alternator trouble? I may have to replace the battery also, correct?

I recently put in a blend door actuator and a new temperature sensor but the air on the driver side does not get cold. Passenger side immediately gets COLD. Driver side takes forever to get COOL. It does get COLD if I'm driving at night. I'm not showing a check engine light. I don't want to spend 150 on a blower module if I don't have to. Please advise.


AC won't work. When I turn it on it just blows out hot air. Last time it worked was last summer. I can't take it anymore. Tried coolant and it would even register

I took off the door panel and I can see the motor working and the cable rolling up and down. For now I just pulled the window up.

ing to check the level of oil

so that the indicator can move to the right position on the dashboard indicator panel by the steering wheel.