I noticed a leak from front of car and a trail of drips, I looked and what appears to be water. If I am running air conditioner, does that cause it to drip from what appears to be water? I have never had a vehicle do that and according to what my boyfriend says, is a normal thing?

I'm getting message Service Air Bag with Computer code B1147. This indicates problem with Drivers side air bag system. How can this be fixed?

does fuel rail connect to gas tank. are there fuel lines from rail to gas tank how many labor hours

Just want to get window back up, went and stayed down this mornin but up doesn't work

Mechanic has replaced throttle position sensor & idle speed throttle actuator. He has no more fix's! Can someone help?? Some recoveries make car jump to 1500 rpm causing wife to not wanting to drive this car.

What is the cause

Leak has been fixed before with something that cost around $ 60-65. Drove it for a long time even a couple 4 hour road trips then went out. Again. Each time seems to get worse. Had towed in but haven't heard verdict.
Was told the blocks at that time were notorious for cracking. Don't want to put new engine in. Just use to run errands in with grandchildren & dogs, but I don't want to breakdown with them in the car.
Was told by friend to completely drain all coolant and oil out of system, flush lines to clean, put in the super-duper repair stuff add back in oil & coolant& drive easy.
Watching the heat gage & fluid levels etc. What do you think????

It still won't do anything no dash lights no radio only interior lights and head lights car won't do anything

i have a 1997 cadillac deville and the vats it keeping me from starting my car it tells me on the dash the it wont restart due to vats and i do know that i dont have the factory key it does have the chip in the key but im trying to bypass vats and i know how to but i dont know if i have the right key code witch by the key when i check it with th meter it tells me i have 1.868OHMS witch is colse to code 7 witch is 1.870OHMS but im not sure if it the right code for me car cuz i just got it today and i bought the car not running and my questiong would be is there any way to look up the right code for my car by the vin or something