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on a/c the air on left side cold air on rt side warm
What do I need to do to fix the idle control system? The car idles up and down when parked and bogs down or stalls when stopping and Startin at lights and stop signs. Please help
car cranks but no start--check fuses on the three panes-one was blown-(50)amps-inadvent--replaced it.car will crank but start.like no gas is flowing...
Then it stalls out car stays on but i have to pull over turn it off let it sit for a min then turn it back on and go but it only lets me do this so much then it wont start unlese it sits for a while .wat can be the pr...
But when I unplug the compressor it defrost abd the heat still blow
I have a leaky gasket not sure if it is the manifold or a donut gasket. Need a repair procedure for both types.
Everytime I try to start, it backfires, and sometimes blows a flame out of the top of the engine by the power steering reservoir. Anybody have any idea what's causing this?