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How to reset red control on dash
i have a 1994 concours and you can feel heat coming out of the defrost but the blower doesnt work and it dont seem to change from defrost to the floorand you can hear some kind of motor on the firewall,it starts real ...
I have a`94 Dee Ville with the 4.9 and when I put coolant in the radiator it flows thru the hose and leaks right back out from what appears to be where the hose is connected. I can't physically see it because the way ...
Car will move in drive but won't in reverse or move in neautrsl
and it will not start. How can we get it started ? We have unhooked the battery and that didn't work.
I noticed this after recharging and replacing battery. Would discharge after sitting overnight..
I have the obdI code reader, but, don't know where to see the code! Where will the code show up?