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no gastank gauge, no heater air or defroster all lights out
had it in shop they are not sure what it is
I just filled my radiator with new coolant and when I turn the defroster on it gets warm while its idling but when I start driving it gets cold.
Car will just cut out with no warning signs or nothing when coming to a stop sign or traffic stop.The car will crank up right away as if nothing happen.this happens after the has been driven for awhile, then the servi...
I wanna no what can i put to make it faster or more horse power
What supercharger can i put on my 1992 cadillac deville an what one do i purchase it has 4.9 v8 i no a bigger cam will produce but i wont superchare and dont no which one to buy
but it runs good for about 1 hour then starts rough idle and you have2 push gas pedal real slow two accelerate
When i turn the headlights or a/c back off the power goes back to normal and i am able to gain speed
it has been missing and sometimes will not start after runing
Horn and lights on when doors unlocked with keyless entry...Must use door key to de-activate and enter.
What holes would make oil spit up and make the car run loud and bad if not connect
when I am driving and push the accelerate it spits and coughs and when I turn of the engine it makes a ticking noise for a while after I shut off the engine
turn key nothing no click does not turn over lights still come on tried to give it a jump same thing nothing